Roatan Sea-TREK Helmet Dive

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The Roatan Sea-TREK Helmet Diving excursion is an effortless way to explore Roatan’s coral reef. Perfect for non-swimmers, the underwater adventure is ideal for the entire family!


The Sea-TREK Helmet Dive is an exciting underwater guided walking tour of Roatan’s pristine reef. Specifically made for non-swimmers, the Sea-Trek Helmet Diving excursion allows for anyone to enjoy the abundant marine life located at Tabyana Beach (West Bay Beach). This activity requires no swimming, prior experience, or special skills.

You should be in good health and feel comfortable in the water, that’s it! The guide will provide you with a 10-minutes orientation and safety briefing. Thereafter, it’s time to enter Tabyana Beach’s crystal clear waters for a fun and exciting underwater adventure. The Roatan Sea-TREK Helmet Dive Tour is approximately *30 minutes long. *If available and time permits, Sea-TREK participant may do second tour.

As an added bonus, we have included the Tabyana Beach Break, Aqua Glide Slide, and the clear bottom kayak. A beach chair will be available for you to enjoy and relax on the western Caribbean’s most popular beach. You will also enjoy 30 minutes of the clear bottom kayak and 30 minutes of the Aqua Glide Slide. A full day of fun in the sun!

NOTE: This excursion is weather dependent. Thus, we reserve the right to change the location of the excursion for the best experience possible.


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