Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port



Mahogany Bay Cruise Center

Located in Dixon Cove, the 20 acre Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port can accommodate two cruise ships. The Carnival Cruise welcome center is located on the southwestern section of Roatan, approximately 3 miles from Port of Roatan. 

Activities, Shopping, & More..

The Mahogany Bay Cruise Center offers retail & duty-free shopping, bars, restaurants, handcrafted souvenirs, jewelry, and various activities. A perfect port of call for those not wanting to venture into the island’s interior.

Mahogany Bay Excursions

Roatan has the most diverse options for your western Caribbean cruise excursions & tours. The Mahogany Bay Cruise Center is centrally located to many sought after island activities and attractions. A short scenic drive away!   

Mahogany Bay Visitors Information

Top Rated Caribbean Port Destination

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands in Honduras and a popular western Caribbean cruise destination. Cruise ships depart from their home ports such as Miami, Tampa, Galveston, Ft. Lauderdale, New Orleans, and Port Canaveral. Cruise lines visiting the Mahogany Bay Cruise Ship Port include: Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, Holland America Cruise Line, Costa Cruise Line, P&O Cruise Line, etc.. The Mahogany Bay Cruise Center allows for two docked cruise ships at a time and up to 8,000 passengers. This port of call is diverse in services and offers a variety of bars, restaurants, and shops to enjoy during your stay.

Internet & Wifi Access

As technology advances, more wireless carriers from North America and Europe provide cellular phone coverage for tourists in Central America. Most traveler related businesses on Roatan provide internet access complimentary or with a purchase of some sort. There are also several internet cafes along the Main Street in Coxen Hole, but I would look for internet access near your place of interest. For example, JavaVine Cafe & Wine Bar is a good choice in West Bay and Sundowners Bar in West End. Local mobile cellular providers for the island and Honduras are Claro and Tigo, with Tigo Cellular having a better signal throughout the island.

Currency/Credit Card/ATM

Most U.S. Cruisers will be happy to know that U.S. Dollars are widely used on Roatan. There are several ATM machines to withdraw funds at the Mahogany Bay Cruise Center. However, it is best to use your credit cards for purchases, unless you run across a vendor outside the port where you will be required to pay in U.S. Dollars or Lempira, the currency of Honduras. Change from a transaction will probably be in U.S. Dollars at this port of call and cash advances, including travelers checks, are available at several of the banks on the island. IMPORTANT! Remember to notify your bank/credit card company before leaving your place of origin.